30 Flowers Name in Chinese and English

Flowers are a beautiful and significant aspect of nature, and they are appreciated all over the world. In China, flowers are also deeply embedded in their culture and language. There are many different types of flowers in China, and each flower has its own flowers name in Chinese and English. For example, the lotus flower is called “liánhuā” in Chinese, and it symbolizes purity and perfection.

The chrysanthemum flower is called “júhuā” in Chinese, and it represents longevity, wealth, and good luck. The peony flower, known as the “king of flowers,” is called “mǔdān” in Chinese, and it symbolizes prosperity, honor, and romance. The plum blossom, known as the “friend of winter,” is called “méi huā” in Chinese, and it symbolizes resilience and perseverance.

Learning the names of flowers in Chinese can give you a greater appreciation for the beauty and richness of Chinese culture, as well as a deeper understanding of the symbolism and meanings behind these beautiful flowers.

Flowers Name In Chinese and English

1Rangoon CreeperCreeper爬行者 (paxing zhe)
2HibiscusHibiscus芙蓉 (furong)
3Arabian JasmineArabian Jasmine阿拉伯茉莉花 (alabo mòlihua)
4DaturaDatura曼陀罗 (man tuo luo)
5Madan mograMadan mogra马丹莫格拉 (ma dan mò gela)
6MurrayaMurraya穆拉亚 (mu la ya)
7NarcissusNarcissus水仙 (shuixian)
8PeriwinklePeriwinkle长春花 (zhangchun hua)
9MaulsariMaulsari毛尔萨里 (mao er sa li)
10Kunda昆达 (kun da)
11MarigoldMarigold万寿菊 (wanshòu ju)
12Peacock FlowerPeacock Flower孔雀花 (kongque hua)
13KurinjiKurinji库林寺 (ku linsi)
14ChrysanthemumChrysanthemum菊花 (juhua)
15Cobra SaffronCobra saffron眼镜蛇藏红花 (yanjingshe zanghonghua)
16DaisyDaisy雏菊 (hehua)
17Water lily flowerWater lily荷花 (chuju)
18RafflesiaRafflesia莱佛士花 (lai fu shi hua)
19Crape MyrtleMyrtle桃金娘 (tao jin niang)
20CamomileCamomile甘菊 (gan ju)
21Kadupul卡杜普尔(Kǎ dù pǔ’ěr)
22Juliet RoseJuliet Rose朱丽叶·罗斯 (Zhūlìyè·luósī)
23Shenzhen Nongke OrchidShenzhen Nongke Orchid深圳农科兰花(Shēnzhèn nóng kē lánhuā)
24Gold of Kinabalu OrchidGold of Kinabalu Orchid京那巴鲁金兰花 (Jīng nà bā lǔ jīn lánhuā)
25Saffron CrocusSaffron Crocus藏红花 (Zànghónghuā)
26TulipTulip Bulb郁金香球茎 (Yùjīnxiāng qiújīng)
27GloriosaGloriosa嘉兰属 (Jiā lán shǔ)
28HydrangeaHydrangea绣球花 (Xiùqiú huā)
29Lily of the ValleyLily of the Valley山谷里的百合 (Shāngǔ lǐ de bǎihé)
30LisianthusLisianthus桔梗属(Jiégěng shǔ)


Rafflesia Flower - Flowers Name In Chinese and English

The Rafflesia flower, also known as the “corpse flower,” is one of the largest flowers in the world and a true wonder of nature. These flowers are found primarily in Southeast Asia and are famous for their unique features.

The Rafflesia flower is so large that it can grow up to three feet in diameter, and weigh up to 15 pounds. The Rafflesia flower is also rare because it has no leaves, stems, or roots, and it grows directly on the host plant. It takes up to nine months for the Rafflesia flower to fully mature, and it only blooms for about five days before dying off.

Scientific NameRafflesia
Native RangeWinter to spring
Flowering SeasonSoutheast Asia


Chrysanthemum Flower - Flowers Name In Chinese and English

Chrysanthemum is a most beautiful flower. It is commonly known as mums. It is native to Asia and northeastern Europe. The word chrysanthemum comes from the Greek words “chrysos,” meaning gold, and “anthemon,” meaning flower.

In Japan, chrysanthemums are the symbol of the Royal Family and are featured on the country’s national seal. Chrysanthemums come in a variety of colors, including yellow, white, pink, and red. The Chrysanthemum flower is a beautiful and versatile flower with a rich cultural history and a variety of uses.

Scientific NameChrysanthemum
Native RangeEast Asia and Northeastern Europe
Flowering SeasonLate summer and fall

Peacock Flower

Peacock Flower- Flowers Name In Chinese and English

The Peacock flower is a beautiful flower. The Peacock Flower, also known as Caesalpinia pulcherrima, plant that is native to the Caribbean and South America. Its scientific name is Caesalpinia pulcherrima and it belongs to the Fabaceae family.

These flowers come in various colors such as yellow, orange, and red, with a distinctive pattern of red and yellow stripes. The Peacock Flower is not only beautiful but also has medicinal properties. If you want to add some color and tropical flair to your garden, the Peacock Flower is definitely a plant worth considering.

Scientific NameCaesalpinia pulcherrima
Native RangeAsia
Flowering SeasonSpring and summer


Murraya  Flower - Flowers Name In Chinese and English

The Murraya flower Orange Jasmine is a beautiful and fragrant flower that is native to Southeast Asia. It is also known as Orange Jasmine. The Murraya flower has a lovely white color and releases a sweet and refreshing fragrance that is similar to jasmine.

It is commonly used in perfumes, essential oils products. The Murraya flower is a popular choice for many gardeners because it is relatively easy to care for. The Murraya flower is a wonderful addition to any garden and adds a beautiful and sweet fragrance to any outdoor space.

Scientific NameMurraya
Native RangeSouthern & Southeast Asia, Northern Australia, and New Caledonia
Flowering SeasonSpring to Summer

Cobra saffron

Cobra saffron Flower - Flowers Name In Chinese and English

Cobra Saffron, with its unique beauty and aroma, is a wonder of nature. The Cobra Saffron flower, also known as Naga Saffron, is a rare and exotic flower that grows only in certain regions of India.

It has been used for centuries as a traditional medicine to cure a number of ailments, including heart disease, cancer, and depression. Cobra Saffron is also used in the cosmetics industry. It’s no wonder that this beautiful and fragrant flower is highly valued around the world.

Scientific NameMesua ferrea
Native RangeIndia
Flowering SeasonSpring to Summer

We hope you enjoyed our article about flowers and their names in both Chinese and English. Flowers are a beautiful and important part of many cultures and it’s great to be able to learn about them in different languages. This post provides a great resource for anyone interested in learning the names of flowers in both Chinese and English. Thank you for reading and we hope that you have found this post both informative and interesting.

Flowers 🌻🌼🌷Names in English and Chinese常见花卉名称(中英文)

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