30 Flowers Name in Japanese and English

Japan has a rich culture of flower appreciation, and in the Japanese language, there are many beautiful and unique flowers name in Japanese and English. For example, “sakura” means cherry blossom, which is a symbol of spring and renewal. “Ume” is the Japanese name for plum blossom, which blooms in late winter and early spring, while “tsutsuji” is the name for azalea, which is known for its bright pink and red blooms in the spring.

Another popular flower in Japan is the “kiku,” which is the name for chrysanthemum, a flower known for its medicinal properties and used in traditional tea ceremonies. In English, these flowers are also well-known but sometimes referred to by different names.

For example, “sakura” is simply called cherry blossom, “ume” is plum blossom, “tsutsuji” is azalea, and “kiku” is the chrysanthemum. Regardless of the name, flowers are universally appreciated for their beauty and can bring joy to anyone who receives them.

Flowers Name In Japanese and English

1Cherry blossomCherry blossom桜 (Sakura)
2SunflowerSunflower向日葵 (Himawari)
3WisteriaWisteria藤 (Fuji)
4LotusLotus蓮 (Hasu)
5HydrangeaHydrangea紫陽花 (Ajisai)
6Japanese irisJapanese iris花菖蒲 (Hanashobu)
7Spider lilySpider lily曼珠沙華 (Manjushage)
8CosmosCosmos秋桜 (Akizakura)
9ChrysanthemumChrysanthemum菊 (Kiku)
10PeonyPeony牡丹 (Botan)
11Canna LilyCanna Lilyカンナリリー (Kanna Ririi)
12CockscombCockscomb Flowerケイトウの花 (Keitou no Hana)
13TuberoseTuberose Flowerチュベローズの花 (Chuberōzu no Hana)
14Blood LilyBlood Lilyブラッドリリー (Buraddo Rirī)
15Golden FrangipaniGolden Frangipaniゴールデンプルメリア (Golden Plumeria)
16Night flowering JasmineNight Jasmineナイトジャスミン (Naito Jasumin)
17Monsoon lilyMonsoon lilyモンスーンリリー (Monsūn Rirī)
18Bluestar FlowerBluestar青い星 (Aoi Hoshi)
19Mexican Prickly PoppyMexican Prickly Poppyメキシコウチワポピー (Mekishiko Uchiwa Poppī)
20Peacock FlowerPeacock Flower孔雀の花 (Kujaku no Hana)
21RoseRose薔薇 (Bara)
22TulipTulipチューリップ (Chūrippu)
23Winter JasmineWinter Jasmineウィンター ジャスミン (U~intā jasumin)
25DaisyDaisyデイジー (Deijī)
26MarigoldMarigoldマリーゴールド (Marīgōrudo)
27NarcissusNarcissus水仙 (Suisen)
28MurrayaMurrayaムラヤ (Muraya)
29Grand Crinum LilyLilyリリー (Rirī)
30Water lilyWater lilyスイレン (Suiren)


Wisteria Flower -  Flowers Name In Japanese and English

Wisteria flowers are some of the most beautiful and fragrant flowers in the world. They are native to Asia. Wisterias tend to bloom in late spring or early summer.

They are also popular among gardeners as they are relatively easy to grow and care for. If you’re looking to add some color to a garden path or create a stunning entrance to your home, wisteria flowers are sure to make an impact.

Scientific NameWisteria
Native RangeChina, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, southern Canada, the Eastern United States, and north of Iran
Flowering SeasonEarly to mid-spring

Spider lily

Spider lily Flower - Flowers Name In Japanese and English

Spider lily flowers are one of the most unique and beautiful flowers. They get their name from their long, spindly petals that resemble the legs of a spider.

These flowers are generally white in color with hints of pink or yellow, but they can also be found in shades of red or orange. Their unique appearance makes them a popular choice for gardens. Spider lilies are a symbol of purity, rebirth, and good luck in many cultures around the world.

Scientific NameHymenocallis littoralis
Native RangeSouthern coastal counties of NC and south to Florida
Flowering SeasonLate summer and early fall

Cherry blossom

Cherry blossom Flower -  Flowers Name In Japanese and English

The cherry blossom is a beautiful flower. Cherry blossom flowers are native to Japan. Their delicate pink and white petals can be seen all over the world during springtime.

The beauty of cherry blossom flowers has inspired poets, artists, and writers for centuries. Cherry blossom flowers are not only stunning to look at, but they also hold significant cultural and spiritual significance in many parts of the world.

Scientific NamePrunus serrulata
Native RangeJapan, China, and Korea, as well as Nepal, India, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, and several areas across northern Europe
Flowering SeasonSpring


Peony Flower -  Flowers Name In Japanese and English

Peonies are one of the most beautiful and fragrant flowers in the world. They are native to China. These flowers come in a wide range of colors, from white, pink, and magenta to deep reds.

Peonies have also been used in traditional Chinese medicine for their anti-inflammatory properties. These flowers are not only beautiful, but they have a rich cultural history as well.

Scientific NamePaeonia
Native RangeAsia, Europe, and Western North America
Flowering SeasonLate spring – early summer


Hydrangea Flower -  Flowers Name In Japanese and English

The hydrangea flower is a beautiful and unique flower They are native to Asia and the Americas. They come in a variety of colors such as white, pink, blue, and even purple.

The color of the flower is controlled by the pH level of the soil it is grown in, which makes them even more interesting to gardeners. In some cultures, the hydrangea is seen as a symbol of gratitude, grace, and abundance.

Scientific NameHydrangea
Native RangeAsia and the Americas
Flowering SeasonMid-spring through the late summer or early fall

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