30 Flowers Name in Italian and English

Flowers are a universal symbol of beauty and elegance, and their names can vary from culture to culture. In Italian, the word for flower is “fiore” and there are many different types of flowers name in Italian and English. One of the most common flowers is the rose, known as “rosa” in Italian.

The sunflower, which is called “girasole” in Italian, is another popular flower. “Tulipano” is the Italian word for tulip, while “Margherita” translates to daisy. “Garofano” is the word for carnation, and “viola” is the Italian word for violet.

There are also some flowers with similar names in both English and Italian, such as “gardenia” and “gardenia,” and “magnolia” and “Magnolia.” Whether you’re admiring a garden or receiving a bouquet of flowers, knowing their names in Italian can add a touch of romance to the experience.

Flowers Name In Italian and English

4Winter JasmineWinter Jasminegelsomino invernale
7Water lily flowerWater lilyNinfea
9Cypress vineCypress Vinevite di cipresso
10Rangoon CreeperCreeperrampicante
18Indian tulipIndian tuliptulipano indiano
19Hibiscus Hibiscusibisco
20Night flowering JasmineNight Jasminegelsomino notturno
21TuberoseTuberoseGelsomino del Messico
22Canna LilyCanna LilyCanna Giglio
23Monsoon lilyMonsoon lilyGiglio dei monsoni
24Peacock FlowerPeacock FlowerFiore di pavone
26Blue Morning GloryBlue Morning GloryGloria mattutina blu
27ChamomileChamomile VineVite di camomilla
29Bleeding Heart Bleeding HeartCuore sanguinante

Indian tulip

Indian tulip Flower -  Flowers Name In Italian and English

The Indian Tulip flower is a stunning flower native to the Indian subcontinent. The flower is scientifically called Butea monosperma, and it belongs to the Fabaceae family. It is also known as flame-of-the-forest.

The flower-producing tree is also used in Ayurvedic medicine. The Indian Tulip flower has a short bloom season and can be found blooming in late winter and early spring.

Scientific NameThespesia populnea
Native RangeAsia
Flowering SeasonSummer season, from late spring to early summer


Oleander Flower -  Flowers Name In Italian and English

The Oleander flower is a very beautiful and fragrant flower in the world. It is native to Asia. Oleander flowers come in a range of colors such as pink, red, white, and yellow. The Oleander is an evergreen plant that can grow up to 6 meters tall.

The flower has also been used in the perfume industry due to its sweet and strong fragrance. Every part of the plant, including the leaves, flowers, contains a poison that can cause serious harm to humans and animals.

Scientific NameNerium oleander
Native RangeMediterranean, North Africa, and parts of Asia
Flowering SeasonEarly summer until mid-autumn


Kewda Flower - Flowers Name In Italian and English

Kewda is a beautiful flower that is native to Southeast Asia and India. It is also known as screw pine. Kewda is frequently utilized in the perfume industry. The flower is also used in cooking.

The flower is used in traditional medicine to treat a variety of illnesses such as fever, inflammation, and headaches. The Kewda flower is a true beauty of Southeast Asia and India.

Scientific NamePandanus odorifer
Native RangeAustralia, South Asia (Andaman Islands), and the Philippines
Flowering SeasonSummer, monsoon and winter


Datura Flower - Flowers Name In Italian and English

The Datura flower is a beautiful flower that belongs to the nightshade family, it is also known as Angel’s Trumpet. It is a large, trumpet-shaped flower that is commonly found in South and Central America, but can also be seen in parts of North America, Asia, and Europe.

Datura flowers are known for their strong fragrant scent and ability to attract butterflies. The Datura flower is still used in some cultures for its medicinal properties, particularly in the treatment of asthma, nausea, and fever.

Scientific NameDatura
Native RangeCentral California to northern Mexico and in other parts of the southwestern US
Flowering SeasonLate spring, summer, and early fall

Water lily

Water lily Flower -  Flowers Name In Italian and English

The water lily is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. This lovely flower represents purity, enlightenment, and rebirth. These beautiful flowers come in a variety of colors, including pink, white, yellow, blue, and purple.

Water lilies are found in ponds, lakes, and other bodies of water all around the world. Overall, the water lily flower is one of nature’s most stunning creations.

Scientific NameNymphaeaceae
Native RangeEastern North America
Flowering SeasonSpring and summer

We hope you found our article about the flowers name in Italian and English helpful. Knowing the names of flowers in different languages can be important, especially if you’re visiting a country where Italian is spoken or communicating with someone who speaks Italian. It’s also a great way to impress your loved ones by knowing the Italian names of their favorite flowers. We hope that this article has helped you gain a better understanding of the names of flowers in both Italian and English.

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